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About us

We are a couple of Argentine dancers and teachers, we represent the traditional style of Buenos Aires with a great personality and a touch of youth.
We belong to the last generation formed by real milongueros and grandmasters. The teaching in classes and personal style has led us to travel the world with different shows or as teachers at prestigious festivals (Russia, China, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Netherlands, UK, Brazil).
We are choreographers, producers, and directors of the show “100% Tango” and from 2015 directors, organizers and producers of the “Antwerpen Tango Festival”.
In ten years together we work to create a teaching method aiming to simplify the difficult, comfort, hug, naturalness, although without neglecting aesthetics.
Our curiosity made us take classes with many teachers and very different styles, making us experience different types of hugs, energy, techniques, and interpretations that are now very useful to exploit the capabilities of each student.

To know more about us, please visit our background below.

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