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The repertoire dynamically combines the classic tangos, instrumentals of Piazzolla, graceful milongas danced, choreography with scenic skill, group choreography.
To adapt to the needs of each event, we offer different types of shows depending on the duration of the event, the number of musicians and dancers or the participation or not of a singer.


  • SHOW WITH 1 COUPLE OF DANCERS (Anibal and Valeria)

  • SHOW WITH 4 ARTISTS (Duo and 1 couple of dancers)

  • SHOW WITH 5 ARTISTS (Duo and 1 couple of dancers, 1 singer)

  • SHOW WITH 6 ARTISTS (Quartet and 1 couple of dancers)

  • SHOW WITH 8 ARTISTS (Quartet and 2 couple of dancers)

  • SHOW WITH 7 ARTISTS (Quintet and 1 couple of dancers)

  • SHOW WITH 10 ARTISTS (Quartet and 3 couple of dancers, singer of choice)

For more information or to request a quote please send an email to:


Premiere in Ghent (2013)

This project was born in Barcelona with some colleagues, and we premiered with the show” Tango, its history “at the Capitol theater in Gent in February 2013. On that occasion, it was co-produced with Dante and Monik Dominguez and Polariteit vzw, co-choreographed and co-directed with Dante and Monik, 5 pairs of dancers, one singer, the “Guardiola” Orchestra and 3 guest artists participated.
 In 2016 Anibal and Valeria presented a new show “Tribute to Juan D ‘Arienzo” at the International Tango Festival of Tarbes, France. This time, 4 pairs of dancers, 2 singers and the Orchestra “La Juan D ‘Arienzo” and an invited artist participated. Choreography and direction by Anibal Lautaro and Valeria Maside. Here you will find photos and videos of both presentations:


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